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In 1998, Greg zig-zagged 130,000 miles across the USA, while trying to hold down a full-time job, aspiring to reach at least 700 species of birds in one calendar year. "The Big Year," a novel by Mark Obmascik detailed his travails alongside two competitors. The book was later turned into a movie of the same title that starred Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson!

DIY Big Year: Increasing Your Efficiency

If you have ever done a Big Year you will probably have experienced spending an inordinate amount of time on one species in a specific area or a particular time of year only to find out later that this same species is much easier and/or quicker to find in another area or at a different… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: 10 Long Weekends with Alaska and Hawaii

And now we are going to do the same thing we did in the last post. Only this time we are going to throw Alaska and Hawaii into the mix. I’ll get right into it. The Working Person’s Big Year Plan: 10 Long Weekends with Alaska and Hawaii Cameron County, Louisiana / December 15-21 /… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: 10 Long Weekends

We’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ with our Big Year data and how best to use up to 4 individual weeks of vacation time. But what if you looked at your time as 20 days of vacation instead of single weeks? And what if you planned to take just 2 vacation days per long weekend giving… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: Best 4 Consecutive Weeks

In the last couple posts I wrote about plans for how to use 4 individual weeks out of a year to your best advantage. One post was for the Lower 48 States. The next one was the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. Today’s post addresses another possibility—the best 4 consecutive weeks. This is primarily for… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: 4 Weeks 400 Species with Alaska and Hawaii

In my last post I laid out a plan to see over 400 species in 4 weeks. But it was only for the Lower 48 States. This is because it was the least expensive option to get to 400 species. Now I am going to include both Alaska and Hawaii. Ready? Here are the results… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: 4 Weeks 400 Species

In the previous posts I laid out a process of how I answered the questions “Where should I go?” And “When should I go?” Both of these questions are in light of the limitations of time, money, and health. Besides I have really felt like the working people are sort of left hanging with few… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: Finding Hidden Treasure In Your Data

In my last post I introduced you to some different ways to look at the data that I have collected from eBird between 2006 and 2016 as of September 2016. Here it is a year later and I’m just writing about my findings. The data collected comes from 299 Counties in the U.S. having the… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: A Geeky Look At Data

If you know me then you know I like numbers. A lot. Actually. I love data. It can be so powerful. But it can also be misleading and confusing. In an early DIY Big Year post I told you about some eBird data that I have been wrangling with for over a year now. In… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: Assessing Your Limits

  Last week I presented you with an idea about doing a personal Big Year. Few of us can take a year off. Few of us can spend a whole year traveling. And not all of us have the energy or motivation to make that much of doing a Big Year. I am writing this… Continue Reading

DIY Big Year: Are You Ready For 2018?

Is it too soon to start making plans for next year? I know. I know. I can hear some of you saying that we are just finishing up with summer and heading into the beginning of fall. And you don’t want to think of winter, let alone next year. But if you have ever entertained… Continue Reading

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